Installing from source

Building Bazil generally requires the latest 1.x release of Go.

If you want to install from source, first install Go, then set up GOPATH and then run

go get

You'll find an executable in $GOPATH/bin/bazil. That file is all that is needed for Bazil itself to run.


To work right, Bazil needs the FUSE utilities installed, specifically command fusermount from fuse.deb or similar for Linux, and OSXFUSE for Mac.

sudo apt-get install fuse

Your Linux distribution may require you to add your user account to group fuse, and re-login, to be allowed to use FUSE.


Bazil is a distributed file system designed for single-person disconnected operation. It lets you share your files across all your computers, with or without cloud services.

FUSE is a programming library for writing file systems in userspace, in Go.

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